School Reopening Tuesday 31st August 2021




Reopening of School

Kilgarriffe NS will be delighted to welcome back all our pupils on Tuesday 31st August at 8:55am for all classes and we hope that you have all enjoyed the Summer.


Staffing for 2021/22

Mrs. Susan Hanbidge (Principal) (Junior Infants, Senior Infants & 1st Class)

Mrs. Clodagh Nicholson (Vice principal) (2nd & 3rd Class)

Miss. Elaine Buttimer (4th, 5th & 6th Class)

Mrs. Sheila Hoare (SEN teacher)

Mrs. Joyce O’Driscoll (SNA)

Mrs. Tina Holland (SNA)

Miss. Marleen De Witt (Computers)


Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the ongoing Pandemic of the Covid-19 virus, all schools have been supplied with detailed guidance & support by the Government & Department of Education to help them reopen safely for all their pupils, staff and the wider community. These can be accessed on


Any pupil returning to school who has been out of the country must check the current quarantine regulations, before returning to school.


Kilgarriffe NS Staff & the Board Of Management  have been working together to ensure everything is ready for when we reopen. Physical changes include extra wash hand basins with hot water to all, extra toilet, sanitising stations at entrances, Covid-19 signage & removal of furniture to make space for required distancing.


As we return to school, we strive to keep the children’s school experience as normal as possible whilst still implementing the necessary guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible from this virus.


New Routines to keep our whole school community safe:

  1. Before coming into school every day, parents/guardians must check their child’s temperature & ensure their children’s hands are thoroughly washed before leaving their home.

  2. If child is unwell, displaying any Covid-19 symptoms or has been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms, they must not attend school until they have had a Covid-19 test and have received a negative result.

  3. On arrival at school each day, every child will be required to sanitise their hands and have their temperature checked.

  4. Each classroom is being kept as a separate group/bubble for the whole school day, including separate break times both indoors and outdoors.

  5. The children in the Junior room (Infants & 1st Class) are not required to ‘social distance’ as they are too young to achieve this successfully and play is a very important part of their social & educational development.

  6. The Middle (2nd & 3rd Class) & Senior (4th, 5th & 6th Class) Classrooms will be seated with their desks at a distance of 1 metre apart. They will be required to ‘social distance’ & stay 1 metre apart as much as possible throughout the school day especially when indoors.

  7. Within the classroom, each child will be supplied with a plastic box on their desk, for all their books, copies & pencil cases.

  8. No sharing of pens, pencils, colours, erasers etc. this year!

  9. Hand washing & sanitising will continue as needed throughout the day & each classroom group/bubble will have their own toilets to use.

  10. There is no requirement on children to wear masks or visors in school. Teachers will use their own discretion – especially if working in small groups, etc.

  11. Any groups attending Special Educational Needs classes will always be from the same classroom bubble. SEN teacher will sanitise desk thoroughly between teaching of individual children or group.

  12. NO ADULTS other than teaching staff are to enter the school building without prior permission & must always wear a face mask. If you need to give a message to a teacher, please send a note in child’s journal or use the school mobile, preferably by text or WhatsApp during the school day. Meeting with a teacher may only be by appointment & after 3:15pm when all children will have departed.

  13.  School bus will run as usual. Bus Éireann guidelines do not require children under 13 years to wear face masks whilst travelling on their school buses.

  14.  Children need to bring their food sealed in a lunch box & a drink in a reusable bottle. These will remain in their school bags at their own desks until their breaks & NO SHARING of food or drinks will be allowed.

  15.  Unfortunately, the kitchen area, using school cutlery, cups & plates, as well as the use of the microwave for reheating food will not be available to the children for the foreseeable future.

  16. Any hats/caps, gloves, hairbands etc. brought to school must be kept in child’s own schoolbag when not in use. Coats must go home each day.

  17. The school has an extensive cleaning programme in place as per Department of Education guidelines.


Morning Drop off (8:55-9:15am.. please DO NOT come earlier than this, thank you)

Follow our usual drop off protocol, enter set down area coming down the hill. Drop off child & wait in your car to ensure your child has gone through the school gate, before continuing out the exit downhill.

Please do not park in the ‘set down’ area or in the staff parking area.

If you need to walk a young child to the school door, please park on the roadway to the left below the school & walk up with your child. Maintain social distancing from any other child or adult who is entering or exiting the school yard. Remember NO ADULTS, other than teaching staff are to enter the school building without prior permission.



Afternoon Collection Time

At the end of the school day:

  1. Infants will be given to the person collecting them at the school gate by a teacher at 2pm. (1pm for Junior Infants for the first 2 weeks)

  2. Older children travelling on buses will leave each classroom at 2:55pm for their bus. Other children will line up in school yard in their own class groups until they are released by teacher to the person collecting them, after the school bus have departed at 3pm.


All car users, please do not arrive early and block the bus access & exit. Follow our usual drop off/collection protocol by entering set down/ collection area from above, coming down the hill & remain in your car until your passengers come out to you. Once seatbelt is on child, continue out the exit downhill. Please do not get out of your vehicle unless you’re helping a child with their seat belt. No children will be released to cars parked on the road or facing the wrong way as this is dangerous and blocks the road for other road users.


Anyone getting out of a vehicle or walking outside the school gate, please observe the 2 metre social distancing rules and to avoid delays keep any chats short.


Extra items required (not on Book List)

  1. Each child must have a pencil case containing all their stationary & colours that stays in school in their plastic book box provided by school. Separate stationary needed at home.

  2. Senior Infants to 6th Class pupils must have a set of named ear or head phones to use when using the computers. These will also stay in school.


Preparing your child for returning to school:

  1. Talk to your child about the new routines explained above.

  2. Ensure your child has practiced thorough hand washing & cough etiquette.



HSE Advice for Parents
Welcome Back Video