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Old Fashioned Soccer Ball

Virtual Sports Day

Well done to all our participants, prizes sent & you can view everyone who took part in the                              video below:


Some of our Virtual   Sports Superstars                2020


Kilgarriffe National School Virtual Sports Days!

  • Welcome to the first of six 'Virtual Sports Day' events which we will be running Monday, Wednesday & Friday this week & next week on Seesaw!

  • For the first time ever, Kilgarriffe NS students will be taking part in Sports Day from their own gardens or even living rooms!

  • Gather household items needed for event, before you start.

  • Be part of history and join the fun!

  • Make sure you’ve some ‘treats’ for after the events…. Ice cream, juice, jellies etc. (like we would have in school for a ‘special event’)


  • How do I take part?

  • Seesaw users:

  • Follow the attached link on Seesaw to watch a video and read a description of the game involved.

  • If possible recruit some family members to play with you.

  • Use the equipment you have at home & gather it together before you start.

  • Take a video of you & your family (if possible!) participating and upload it to Seesaw.

  • Prizes will be awarded for the best videos & photos!

  • Non Seesaw users:  

  • Google

  • Click Virtual Sports Day box

  • Scroll down & click ‘The Activities’

  • Then open ‘Running’ (gives 3 activities to choose from & do level that you’d enjoy best)

  • Open Throwing for Wednesday & Kicking for Friday

  • Video/ photo taking part & send to teacher email or onto school What's Ap.

  • Prizes will be awarded for the best videos & photos!


  • Event 1: Running (Mon 15th June)

  • Event 2: Throwing (Wednesday 17th June)

  • Event 3: Kicking (Friday 19th June)

  • Event 4: Landing (Monday 22nd June)

  • Event 5: Traditional Sports Day activities (Wednesday 24th June)

  • Event 6: Balancing (Friday 26th June)

  • You can do them all on these days or altogether on Fridays or whenever suits your daily plans!

  • At end of 2 weeks we will try to put clips from everyone’s photos & videos together for a fun viewing on website!

  • Have fun everyone!

Ice Cream Scoops
Children Running
Children Playing
Kids Running
Jumping Game
Children Doing Headstands
Kids Playing Volleyball
Kids Running
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