Activities from home April/ May 2020

Smile Art 3rd Class.jpg
Rosanna 3rd Class.jpg
Rachel 3rd Class 
Happy Rainbow by Emily 3rd Class.jpg
Emily 3rd Class
Rosanna 3rd Class
Isaac 2nd Hi.jpg
Isaac 2nd Class
Rachel - Be Happy 3rd Class.jpg
    3rd Class
Rachels house!.jpg
Rosanna love pic.jpg
Rosanna 3rd Class
Rainbow (rachel) 3rd.jpg
Rachel 3rd Class
Rachel Seesaw Tree Picture.jpg
Sarah's Flower 2nd Class.jpg
Sarah 2nd Class
Valentino drawing 2nd class.jpg
Valentino 2nd Class

Dragon & Unicorn Art

Ben 4th Dragon drawing.jpg
Ben 4th Class
Samanta 2nd Unicorn.jpg
Samanta 2nd Class
Isaac 2nd Deagon.jpg
Isaac 2nd Class
Dragon & Unicorn by Rosanna 3rd
Rosanna 3rd Class
Copcake Unicorn by Sarah 2nd Class.jpg
Sarah's Unicorn 2nd Class.jpg
Unicorn by Sarah 2nd Class.jpg
Unicorns by Sarah 2nd.jpg
Sarah 2nd Class

Marbling Art

Emily's Unicorn 3rd.jpg
Emily 3rd Class
Rosanna's Marbelling Art 3rd Class.jpg
Rosanna 3rd Class
Marbeling by Sarah (2nd Class).jpg
Sarah 2nd Class
Emily's Marbelling Art 3rd Class.jpg
Emily 3rd Class

Drawing and Painting

Bunny by Sarah 2nd Class.jpg
Samanta 2nd Class
Samanta's Angel 2nd class.jpg
Turtles by Samanta 2nd Class.jpg
Samanta 2nd Class
Picture by Sarah & Samanta (2nd Class).j
Sarah & Samanta 2nd Class
Mountains by Daniel 5th.jpg
Daniel 5th Class
Mountains by William 6th.jpg
William 6th Class
Samanta's painted Rock (2nd Class).jpg
Samanta's painted stone (2nd Class).jpg
Samanta's garden painting (2nd Class).jp
Samanta's Garden Art 2nd Class
Samanta's painted shells (2nd Class).jpg
Designing Stamps
Isaac drawing.jpg
Isaac 2nd Class
Ben drawing.jpg
Ben 4th Class
Stamp by Rosanna.jpg
Rosanna 3rd Class

Staying at Home: Covid 19 Houses, Farm & Village

Igor 2nd Covid House.jpg
Isaac 2nd Covid house.jpg
Igor 2nd Class
Isaac 2nd Class
Samanta's Video (2nd Class)
Sarah 2nd Covid house & Farm.jpg
Sarah 2nd Class
Samanta Covid house village 2nd
Samanta 2nd Class
Rachel 3rd Covid House.jpg
Rachel 3rd Class
Sara's Stones 3rd.jpg
Sara 3rd Class
Emily's Covid House.jpg
Ladybird (Emily 3rd).jpg
Emily's Flower Garden 3rd Class
Emily Covid House stone.jpg
Emily Butterfly.jpg
Ben Covid House 4th.jpg
Síofra 3rd Class
Ben 4th Class
Bluey in the City Art
Igor Bluey picture.jpg
Igor (2nd Class)
Rachel Bluey city.jpg
Rachel (3rd Class)
Rosanna Bluey picture.jpg
Rosanna (3rd Class)
Ben Bluey in the city.jpg
Ben (4th Class)
Isaac Bluey in city.jpg
Isaac (2nd Class)

Gardening and Planting

Beetroot planted Emily (3rd Class).jpg
Sarah & Emily Planting peas.jpg
Sarah 2nd Tub of carrots, peas, beetroot
Emily (3rd Class) and Sarah (2nd Class) sowed Beetroot, Peas and Carrots
Tomato Plants (Emily & Sarah).jpg
Tomatoes planted (Emily & Sarah).jpg
Emily (3rd Clas) and Sarah (2nd Class) planted tomato plants
Strawberry plants by Kingston Family Inc
 William (6th) and Daniel (5th) planted Rhubarb and Strawberry          plants as part of the family Incredible Edible project

Construction Activities

Play house for Evie by William 6th & Dan
William (6th Class) and Daniel (5th Class) built a play house      for their little sister Evie
Lego by Sarah (2nd Class).jpg
Lego house by Sarah (2nd Class).jpg
 Lego houses by Sarah (2nd Class)
Ben & Isaac Camper complete.jpg
Lego VW Camper by Ben & Isaac.jpg
Camper by Ben & Isaac.jpg
Front of Lego camper. Ben & isaac.jpg
              Lego VW Camper
Ben 4th Class & Isaac 2nd Class
Ben Lego house.jpg
Ben's Lego House & Cars
            4th Class
Sarah Lego construction.jpg
Ben Lego car.jpg
Ben space mobile.jpg
Ben Lego track car.jpg
Ben orange racing Lego car.jpg
Sarah's Lego 2nd Class
Isaac Hot air balloon Knex.jpg
    Knex Hot Air Balloon by Isaac        2nd Class
Isaac Knex.jpg


Sarah Dream catcher 2nd.jpg
Sarah 2nd Class
Dream Catchers
Dream catcher (Emily 3rd).jpg
Rosanna pom pom sheep.jpg
Pom Pom Sheep by Rosanna (3rd Class)
Emily 3rd Class
Risanna carvival mask.jpg
Venician Mask (Rosanna 3rd Class)
Igor's 8th Birthday 2nd Class.jpg
Leah's Birthday.jpg
Isaac's 9th Birthday.jpg
Happy 8th Birthday Igor
         (2nd Class)
Happy 8th Birthday Leah
        (1st Class)
Happy 9th Birthday Isaac
         (2nd Class)
Rev. Kingsley's 50th Birthday.jpg
Happy 50th Birthday
    Rev. Kingsley 
Daniel's 11th Birthday
       (5th Class)
Cooking & Baking
Samanta (2nd Class) & Dad baking.jpg
         Samanta (2nd Class)
         baked buns with Dad
Rosanna baking cookies.jpg
Chocolate chip cookies Rosanna.jpg
Rosanna (3rd Class) baking Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brownie baking Emily 3rd.jpg
Brownie & icecream.jpg
Emily's Brownie & Ice cream (3rd Class)
Sarah's cake 2nd class.jpg
Sarah's cake (2nd Class)
Chocolate chip cookies Ben 4th.jpg
Samanta baking.jpg
Samanta cooking buns.jpg
Samanta's buns.jpg
Ben's Chocolate Chip Cookies            (4th Class)
Samanta (2nd Class) baking buns

Other Family Fun Activities & Events

Emily 3rd Class & Buttons.jpg
Emily (3rd Class) and her calf 'Buttons'
William & Daniel new calves.jpg
William (6th) & Daniel (5th) spent their hard earned farm money on 3 new Fleckvieh calves
Fredy the calf Sarah 2nd.jpg
Sarah's calf 'Freddy' (2nd Class
Rachel's calf.jpg
Rachel's calf (3rd Class)
Baby Thrush Rosanna 3rd.jpg
Thrush fledgling & nest in Rosanna's  (3rd Class) garden
Rosanna's Nest 3rd Class.jpg
Leah's music.jpg
Leah 1st Class
Rosannas t-shirt.jpg
T-shirt Design by Rosanna 3rd Class
Remote learning: School at home
Dominik working.jpg
Alexander's addition sums.jpg
Alexander's maths (Sen. Infants)
Luca's number ordering.jpg
Luca (Senior Infants)
Dominik 5th Class
Daniel (Junior Infants)
Daniel's letter b.jpg
Daniel's h writing.jpg
Daniel's 'f' sort.jpg
Daniel's ch treasure hunt.jpg
Daniel's sight word said.jpg
Daniel's shape tracing.jpg
Daniel's rock fish.jpg
Rock Fish
Daniel's more and less snowman (1).jpg
Emma (1st Class)
Emma's news.jpg
Emma's camping list.jpg
Emma's safety message.jpg
Safety Message
Emma's water search.jpg
Water Search
Emma's balance - Maths.jpg
Emma's story.jpg
Hannah (Senior Infants)
Hannah's news.jpg
Hannah's jelly bean graph.jpg
Hannah's before and after Maths.jpg
Hannah (Senior Infants)
Hannah's maths story.jpg
Hannah's 2-d shape hunt.jpg
Hannah's nature tool writing.jpg
Hannah's boat.jpg
Leah 1st Class
Leah's boat 1st Class.jpg
Leah's fish comic.jpg
Leah's farm safety poster.jpg
Leah's news.jpg
Leah's spring poem.jpg
Leah's seasons.jpg
Leah's garden.jpg
Leah's shape sorting Maths.jpg
'Cat in a Hat' fun on Seesaw
Rosanna Cat in the Hat.jpg
Isaac Dr. Scuss.jpg
Rachel Seuss.jpg
Cool Igor Well done.jpg
Sarah Cat in Hat.jpg
Left / Right Sock Design
Leah's socks.jpg
Leah (1st Class)
Emma's socks.jpg
Hannah's socks.jpg
Hannah (Senior Infants)
Emma (1st Class)
Food Dudes
Ben Food Dudes.jpg
Thank You to the Health Workers
Hannah's thank you medical workers.jpg
Hannah (Senior Infants)
Leah's Thank you medical workers.jpg
Leah (1st Class)

Scoil na Mara activities (SESE)

Ben Ocean thanks.jpg
Issac thank you sea.jpg
Isaac (2nd Class)
Igor's painted bottle.jpg
Igor (2nd Class)
Clay limpet & Mussel..jpg
Clay Limpet & Mussel
Ben 4th Class
Samanta letter & bottle to ocean..jpg
Samanta letter in bottle.jpg
Samanta (2nd Class)
David thanks ocean.jpg
David (2nd Class)
Ocean letter Rosanna.jpg
Rosanna (3rd Class)
 Something Fishy Poems 
Ben Fishy Poem.jpg
Ben 4th Class
Rosanna Fishy poem.jpg
Rosanna 3rd Class
Rachel (3rd Class)
SESE - Hawthorn
David's Hawthorn Bush with Blossom.jpg
download (1)David drawing of
David (2nd Class)