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Kids Easter Challenges for a little extra fun

Challenge 1: Create an Easter Card or Craft activity & send Picture for school website.
(lots of ideas to help on Pinterest and Twinkl)
Challenge 2: Make Cross or Easter egg (paper, card, etc.). Place in window for Easter week.
Decorate on Easter Sunday. Send photo to share on website.

Children's Easter Activities From School at Home April 2020

William 6th Class
Zoe 6th Class.jpg
Zoe 6th Class
Liana 5th Class.jpg
Leah 1st Class.jpg
Matthew 5th Class.jpg
Challenge 3: Can you make these Easter Bunnies from cake or pancakes??? 
Decorate how you wish or your very own version !
Send photo with your name via school email or Parents Kilgarriffe NS What's Ap group
Liana 5th Class
Matthew 5th Class
Leah 1st Class
Hannah Sen Inf.jpg
Hannah Sen Infants
Rachel 3rd Class.jpg
Rachel 3rd Class
Oisín (6th) & Beatrice's (Sen Inf)                painted eggs
Samanta 2nd Class.jpg
Ada 6th Class.jpg
Samanta 2nd Class
      Easter Egg Hunt
by Rosanna (3rd Class)
Samanta 2nd class Easter Pic.jpg
Ada 6th Class
Rosanna Bunny 3rd Class.jpg
 Easter Bunny by Samanta 2nd Class
Luca ru Senior Infants
Rosanna 3rd Class
Gabriel Easter picture.jpg
Gabriel 3rd Class
Daniel & William Easter Tree.jpg
William 6th & Daniel 5th
          Easter Tree
Rosanna Cross.jpg
Rosanna 3rd Class
Lucie & Jacob Easter Collage.jpg
Easter Bunny & Eggs Collage by Lucie (5th) & Jacob (3rd)
Rosanna Easter Sunday.jpg
Victor 5th Class.jpg
Daniel Easter garden (5th Class).jpg
William (6th), Daniel (5th) & Grandad Je
     Victor (5th) & dad handmade wooden cross
Miss Buttimer decorated cross.jpg
Miss. Buttimer's decorated cross
Daniel's Easter Garden (5th Class)
William(6th), Daniel (5th) & Grandad Jeremy's handmade wooden cross
Emily & Sarah Bunny cake.jpg
Mrs. Nicholson Easter cake.jpg
Mrs. Nicholson's Easter Bunny cake
Easter Bunny Cake by
Emily (3rd) & Sarah (2nd)
Rosanna 3rd Class (2).jpg
Rosanna 3rd Class.jpg
Rosanna's (3rd) Little chocolate puddings & receipe to try!
Rachel (3rd), Leah (1st) & Hannah (Sen Inf)
training for Sports Day!!
Rain Gauge by Rosanna 3rd Class
Daniel (Jun Inf) Conveyor Belt.jpg
Daniel the Engineer (Jun Infants) STEM Conveyor Belt design & in action!
Daniel (Jun Inf) Scientist at work!!.jpg
Daniel (Jun Inf) Ball Run swing.jpg
Daniel (Jun Inf) the Scientist!
Ball Run & Swing Invention by Daniel (Jun Inf) & little brother Luke
Beatrice (Sen Inf) & Oisín (6th) made Beeswax Candle
Easter Bunny.jpg
Easter Bunny
Cute Bunny
Easter Bunny permission to travel throughout        Ireland on Easter Sunday 12th April'20
Girl with a Basket
Happy Children with Easter Eggs
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